About Us

Trinity Residential Land Services, LLC is a division of Trinity Real Estate Solutions, Inc. Trinity was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Trinity began with the vision to provide a comprehensive range of specialty real estate and collateral inspections and construction lending services to the residential new construction lending industry. Today, Trinity provides the banking, mortgage lending, credit card and insurance industries with a wide-array of residential and commercial products and services.

Trinity’s leadership in the industries we serve stems from our modernized approach to service. We develop a customized plan for each client that addresses the individual requirements and needs of the company. Rather than treat our clients' orders as transactions, each project is viewed as an opportunity to assist our customers and collaborate in risk and technology management.

Our unique services and quick turn times enable us to succeed, but our people truly make the difference. We understand that people fulfill the promise behind our name. Our team of professionals employs a servant’s attitude while assisting our customers in managing and growing their business.

We offer solutions for all categories of the mortgage process, including loan origination, servicing, default management and construction lending. We also provide diversified services for credit card and insurance industries.

Trinity has grown from one company in a specialized industry, to five companies operating in several industries - nationwide. Our unparalleled risk management and service to customers creates a powerful partnership for any company. The Trinity family of companies includes Trinity Inspection Services LLC, Trinity Field Services LLC, Trinity Appraisal Services LLC, Trinity Loan Administration, and Trinity Residential Land Services LLC.

At Trinity, we truly care about people. Visit our Sharing Caring page to learn more about how we support our team and our clients.